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Welcome To Illawong Osteo

Our Focus Is On Your Health

At Illawong Osteo, we're committed to addressing your body as a complete functioning system.  Health comprises of the 3 F's.  How you fuel your body, how freely you move and how you feel.

How Freely Your Body Moves - this encompasses your muscle function, joint integrity, ligament stability, and your functional training.

How You Fuel Your Body -  encompasses how you hydrate and what with, how your body is receiving its macro/micro-nutrients and how you supplement the ingredients your body needs to thrive that you don't get from your food.

How You Feel  - is all about your mental state. This encompasses your stress levels, your stressors, your quality of sleep and how you feel contributing to your community.

We help to identify the road blocks that are stopping you from achieving everything that you aim for in life and help you get back on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

We do this by taking a comprehensive medical and personal history, undertaking a full body assessment, explaining to you what is happening and why and then follow up with treatment techniques and health corrections to have you healthier, sooner.  All we do, creates a plan for your health with goals and action steps to be taken to get there. We give you the tools you need and teach you how to implement your action plan for healthy living.  Like a fitness program, it requires constant changing.

Our Team

Our dynamic team includes male and female practitioners. While the specific approach of each profession and each practitioner may vary, our shared goal is to have you achieving your health goals in the shortest time to live a healthy life

Our team is equipped to cater to the needs of people from all walks of life – families, athletes, weekend warriors, children and pregnant women.

To find out more information, please call us on 9524 8862 or book online 24 hours a day.

Illawong Osteo & Chiro. Why choose us?

  • Health fund rebates are available on-the-spot for all services. (For those with ‘extras’ cover). 
  • Free and easy parking is available at the door and within our complex.
  • We’re here when you need us: Appointments are available as early as 7:00am, and as late as 8pm on weeknights.
  • Complete Health Care: Our practitioners will address movement patterns and causes of pain, eating habits and nutrient support and your headspace to assist with sleep and stress levels. 

Call us today to find out how our services can help you.


Osteopathy is a system for treating both muscle and joint problems for the whole musculo-skeletal system simultaneously while also taking into account your diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Osteopaths believe that the muscles and bones work together at the joints, and where a joint may be affected (be it arthritis, pinched nerve, etc) there will also be a muscular or neural response. Osteopaths at Illawong Osteo treat the body as a whole unit and will address all factors contributing to your pain and dysfunction. Call us today and find out why Osteopathy can help you.


Chiropractic is a discipline for treating spinal and joint problems for the entire body.  Chiropractors believe that if a spinal joint is affected by stress/dysfunction, it will irritate the nerves exiting the spine and create pain and dysfunction. By correcting the source, the symptoms will diminish.  Chiropractors at Illawong Osteo & Chiro treat utilising an entire body approach whereby your symptoms, health history and any other clinical findings may be related to your dysfunction. Call us today and find out how Chiropractic can help you.

Meet The Team

Dr Luke Madden | Priniciple Osteopath

Dr Sarah Lal | Osteopath

Dr Travis Cuscuna | Chiropractor